It's so helpful being able to see have far and wide your support is going. On the Map is a feature which shows all of the referrals your foodbank has received, plotted on a map. Each ndividual referral is shown as a map pin. As you zoom out on the map, when the map resolution makes it impossible to show every individual referral, the system clusters them together and colours the cluster group according to the number of individual referrals it encompasses. Blue: 2-9, Yellow: 10-99, Red: 100-999, Magenta: 1000+ This feature provides a very effective visual on where the "hot-spots" of poverty are in and around the town/city you are serving. The local authorities are often eager for this kind of information. Also, donors (potentia donors) can come to your site and see how far their support reaches.





Being able to mantain a food shortage list for supporters to link into is vital. It's fnatastic to be supported by the local community donating food/toiletry items - it's better still if they are donating the very things you are actually running low on.





You can create complex searches by stacking search conditions - show me all referrals between 1st Jan 2018 and 31st Dec 2018 where the claimant was under the age of 30 - or show me the referrals this year where the Reason for Referral field contained the word "Universal".  You can stack as many conditions on the search as you wish.





Provide referral partners with your latest news right there on the login screen. Edit the news items by changong the data in the News table.